TESO Harvest Mergeby Iphitos

Trying to provide "as complete as possible" lua files for the Elder Scrolls Online Addon Harvest Map by Shinni.

If you encounter problems with HarvestMerge please send in your HarvestMap SavedVariables lua files so I can see where the problem might be: iphitos@teso-harvest-merge.de

Please note: HarvestMerge is a standalone service and bugs/errors or questions should be sent in using the email above.

If you have a question about the addon HarvestMap, please use the HarvestMap addon page at www.esoui.com.

Nodes in database: 104505

  • MAIN: 21502
  • AD: 23048
  • DC: 26229
  • EP: 25081
  • DLC: 8645
Last upload
  • 2017/02/27: 1 nodes added by Asmodean

Please upload the following save files from the folder "SavedVariables" of your Elder Scrolls Online directory: In order to download our lua files, you will have to upload your local save files first

The save files can usually be found at:
C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\[live or liveeu]\SavedVariables

Do NOT upload the addon files themselves
(as downloaded from esoui.com or the like)

If you do not have the HarvestMapDLC.lua in SavedVariables folder:
Please update your HarvestMap addon to the latest version, then log into the game (this will update your SavedVariables files), wait a moment, log out of the game. You will then also find the HarvestMapDLC.lua

Drop lua save files from SavedVariables folder here
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If you encounter problems uploading, please send your lua files (from your SavedVariables folder) so I can see where the problem might be: iphitos@teso-harvest-merge.de

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The new lua files might have lesser nodes than your original files!

Nodes in the database have a minimum distance of: 0.000049

Your setting for minimum distance of nodes is: (HarvestMap default) What does this mean?

The minimum distance can be set in your HarvestMap Addon inGame and its default value is 0.000049.

If the distance between two nodes of the same type (e.g. Iron Ore) is lower than the setting for minimum distance, HarvestMap will display one icon instead of two icons very close to each other for performance reasons.

The database allows a minimum distance of 0.000049 which is slightly less than the default that HarvestMap uses (0.000049).

Nodes that are closer together than the HarvestMap default, will be only a few steps apart inGame (approx. 10 steps).

Letting TESO Harvest Merge adjust your personal settings to the database minimum distance of 0.000049 as your new personal settings for HarvestMap is only recommended for hunter-gatherers.

Nodes in the database have a max time difference of: 0 (infinite)

Your setting for max time difference of nodes is: What does this mean?

The max time difference can be set in your HarvestMap Addon inGame and its default value is 0 (infinite).

Every time you collect a node (e.g. Iron Ore), a timestamp is saved for this node.

If you set a max time difference, then HarvestMap will only show nodes with a timestamp that is higher than the current timestamp minus your max time difference setting.

Final result will be available after parsing of the files has finished...

Nodes in your uploaded files:

Nodes in database:

Nodes in merged files with current settings:

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Stats explained

What are "contains"?
Each node has one ore more contains that can be found in it (e.g.: in an alchemy node one may find Columbine or Entoloma or Wormwood).
The contains will be shown inGame on the map if you hover your mouse over a specific node.

Why are 0 nodes or 0 contains in your database updated by the nodes in my files?
We obey they same rules as the HarvestMap Addon when adding/updating nodes to our database:
- if a node in your file is too close to a node of the same type in our database, we will not add this node (we already have it).
- if a node in your file has an older timestamp than the corresponding node in our database, we will not update this node (our timestamp is newer).
- if the contains of a node in your file do not differ from the contains for this node in our database, we do not update the contains for this node.

What does "invalid nodes" mean?
Invalid nodes in your files are nodes with data that does not make sense, hence these nodes are considered invalid.
Invalid nodes will not be added to our database.
This behaviour can occur with imported data from other people without using HarvestMap's own import tool.

What does "timestamps invalid" mean?
HarvestMap is setting a timestamp for a certain node each time this node is looted.
If HarvestMerge finds an invalid timestamp for a node it will set the timestamp for this node to 0.
This behaviour is uncommon but can occur with imported data from other people without using HarvestMap's own import tool - that is why we fix this for anyone.

What does "nodes fixed" mean?
If your HarvestMap data in your lua files has nodes that are not in the correct file (e.g.: nodes for Glenumbra are wrongly stored in your HarvestMap.lua) we will correct these nodes.
This behaviour is uncommon but can occur with imported data from other people without using HarvestMap's own import tool - that is why we fix this for anyone.

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2017-02-26, 21:37
v16 files working

The latest version of the SavedVariables files (v16) can now be merged.

2017-02-24, 18:52
Bugfix: HarvestMap.lua not found

I have added a code snippet this morning to get rid of not completed traffic entries in the database.

I also added a small bug with this code that prevented the parsing of the files with error HarvestMap.lua not found.


2017-02-23, 19:33
Important info: unusual high number of nodes added by some users

I have found some users in the traffic statistics who are adding unusual high numbers of nodes.

As their lua files might be having issues, these users will be prevented from uploading until they have sent the files by email so I can have a look at them and find out if there is a problem with their files.

2017-02-16, 15:12
Deleted nodes no longer added to merge

Nodes that have been manually deleted from HarvestMap inGame by trusted users (currently I am the only trusted user) will no longer be added to the merge.

In the past, some addons (like Minimap and others dealing with map views) and their map handling interfering with HarvestMap's map handling has created many doublets when looting nodes close to map borders (e.g. nodes close to city maps).

I will be cleaning up all city maps over the next few weeks to make sure that nodes will only be shown on the correct map (either on the city map OR on the area map).

Same applies to the chest doublets versus the thief chests in cities. Before the implementation of explicit thief chest nodes all thief chests in cities where stored as treasure chest nodes - I will delete the superseded treasure chest nodes from all city maps manually inGame.

Same applies to the chest nodes in dungeons. There are many dungeons with crazily spreaded chest nodes (and others). I will manually get rid of them inGame over the next few weeks.

Hence, as a result you will see a decrease of the total number of nodes in the database over the next few weeks.

Many thanks to:

Shinni for technical hints about the Harvest Map lua files

All beta testers for their effort

Anyone who is contributing his lua files